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Tongue & Lip Tie

Our Approach

Tethered oral tissue, also known as TOTs, refers to restricted tissue in the mouth. This can involve the tongue, lip, or cheek and it can directly impact oral function as well as postural abnormalities or asymmetries. The presence of tissue in that area does not mean there is a tie, but having tissue that is shorter, tighter, or thicker can be indicative of one. This can limit the range of motion of the mouth causing issues with feeding, latching, and when the child is a bit older eating solid foods. Babies who have tethered oral tissue are typically inefficient at the breast which can lead to them fatiguing before they are full. Other common symptoms seen are clicking while nursing, a weak/poor sucking reflex, colic or reflux symptoms, noisy breathing, or torticollis. 

Chiropractic care is important before and after tie revisions (and even if you choose not to have the procedure) in order to release the tension in the body that can happen as a result.  We will work with the spine as well as inside the mouth to relieve any tightness in order to improve the movement in the jaw, tongue, and lip. 

It is understandable when parents come in feeling discouraged after they are still experiencing difficulties with nursing or tension after a tie revision has been performed. It is important to understand that babies actually begin practicing using their tongue in utero. When babies have a tie, they are learning these patterns incorrectly before they are even born, which can result in an abnormal latch.  While the revision may be a critical step, your child still needs time and help relearning how to suck properly after the revision has been done. Chiropractic and craniosacral care are a large piece of the puzzle in assisting your child. If you have not already done so, we will refer you to an IBCLC and a pediatric dental specialist who will further address your baby's needs.

We understand that this period of time can be stressful and seem overwhelming. We also know it can be hard to predict a baby's eating schedule at this age. Dr. Tambellini is happy to do a phone consultation prior to your visit in order to decrease the time spent in the office. We also have a private room where you can feed your baby before, during, or after the visit. Let us know how we can be of help to you. 

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