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Image by Taisiia Shestopal

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Growing & thriving from the start.

During the first few years of life, your child’s brain develops rapidly. Supporting them during this critical stage of growth allows for a great foundation for their health and well-being. We want all kids to grow up healthy, happy, and thriving!


Chiropractic doesn’t treat a specific condition or disease, rather it ensures that the nervous system is functioning at its best to allow your child to heal and adapt when faced with stressors. These stressors may include the birth process itself, sitting in a car seat or baby carrier for prolonged periods, falls, and in older children, sports, use of heavy backpacks, tablet and cell phone usage, and more. 




We commonly hear from parents that they are worried their young child will be afraid. With two little ones herself, Dr. Claire is an expert at making funny noises or faces, or singing a song if they need a distraction! We welcome them to sit or lay on mom or dads lap, or even hold onto their favorite toy. We work with them to help make it a low stress environment.


For children a little bit older, we encourage them to bring in their favorite stuffed animal so that their friend can get “adjusted”, too! If the rest of the family is getting adjusted, we encourage them to be apart of it with our toy chiropractic tools. And for every child’s favorite part, we are fully stocked with stickers for after their adjustment!

Pediatric Chiropractic is fun!




Chiropractic care in infancy has been shown to help with...

Difficulty latching

Head tilt


Colic Symptoms

Bowel movements


Ear infections

(To name a few!)

Image by Taisiia Shestopal
Image by Caroline Hernandez

Chiropractic care in kids and teens has been shown to help with...


Bed wetting


Enhanced athletic performance

Balanced mood

Decrease in anxiety 

Improved sleep

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